Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Nope, He's Just Old}

Last night I went on a second date with the forty year old. There will not be a third date. Age is officially more than just a number.

The moments I realized my date was too old for me:

1. He used the word "keister."
2. He printed out directions to the restaurant because he didn't know how to work his iPhone.
3. When the waitress asked if he'd like another drink he responded, "No thanks, it's a school night."
4. He ordered for me. {Hello, is this 1953?}
5. He mentioned watching news coverage of the Iran-Contra affair as a teenage while recovering from a tonsillectomy. I realized I was two at this time.

In other news, my mom told me she thinks I'm too critical of others.

- HauteMessinHollywood -


  1. Ha-ha! Keister! Who says that???? Did he tell you he had a swell time, too???

  2. Aww I know what you mean, things like that just weird you out XD
    I'm hoping that doesn't happen to me if the guy I like ever asks me out (I doubt he will...he hasn't talked to me in a week and that was only for a few minutes...)

  3. I once dated someone who was about 13 years older than me and yeah, so not going to work.


  4. That just made me laugh out loud!
    Sorry it didn't work out with the old fart! He even sounds too old for me and I'm only a few years behind him in age!

  5. That's too bad it didn't work out. Meanwhile #2 & #3 are making me laugh hysterically.

  6. Hi Love, this is totally unrelated to the post although (LOLLLLLLLLL, you are too funny) but i havent blogged this week because iv been re+doing my site. CHeck it out and let me know what you think! :)

  7. LOL. no way... #2 is so funny. it's a tough dating world out there, huh? haha

  8. LMAO! Too funny! The fact that he printed out directions because he couldn't figure out how to use his iPhone is the best.

  9. Yeah, that's a no! Back to the pond!

  10. Love the post! So funny

    Love from Canada

    Northern style exposure

  11. Awww, that´s really funny! I especially love n.2 :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls