Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Stalker Much?}

Remember when AOL was actually cool? I spent hours gossiping with my girlfriends on IM during my junior high days. I also remember my mom warning me not to talk to strangers on the Internet, "Under no circumstances respond to someone you don't know. Do not give them your age/sex/location. They will find you and you will die." Ok, maybe it didn't go exactly like that...

Fast forward about fifteen years and mom's warning continues to haunt me. Friday night an online date decided it would be fun to call me nine times in forty five minutes. Stalker much?

Beyond the initial shock of watching my iPhone screen light up every three seconds, the whole thing grew even more entertaining when he texted, "Your phone must have a problem...Hi."

No, my phone does not have a problem. I'm just avoiding your calls because you are insane. Congratulations, mom. You were right all along. I should have listened.

- HauteMessinHollywood -


  1. That's crazy!! I mean, how could he not get the hint when you didn't answer the phone? -_-
    I'd definitely be blocking that number! Lol.

  2. hahaha this is your sense of humor about it...he's in lalalallOVE honey!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll be back to visit sometime!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  3. fabulous post, love. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xo

  4. Crazy town! Did he leave a message?

  5. love that post!!!
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    xoxo Marika

  6. Hi hunny!!!

    totally MIA eh? haha!! I love the function "mute" and "no volum"on my phone too!!

    love K